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Welcome to the website of the Belgian cauchois club.

Our specialty-club is dedicated to the breeding, exhibiting, and betterment of  this beautiful French fancy and utility pigeon.

Our members in both parts of Belgium (the Flemisch community and the Walloon community) show their pigeons on various regional shows, on the national show and even on the European championschip for cauchois.

De most important activities for our members are :

-         The organisation of our young bird show. Each year it takes place on a different location and we combine it with a visit to the loft of the organisator(s). Each member brings four young birds to compete in a contest where all the present members judge the pigeons.

-         Our club show is staged at the show of one of our Belgian all breed clubs. The judges chose the best cauchois over all variety’s which becomes great champion. For each variety they also chose a champion and a vice-champion.

-         Each year the Cauchois-European show is for most breeders in Europe the far most important meeting of the year. Breeders of Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Switserland bring together hundreds of cauchois in the 15 recognized variety’s.

-         Some regional shows are provided with trophee’s for the Best Cauchois.

-         The members regularly receive information about the race and the club by means of notes and our yearly bulletin.


Since we have lots of international contacts our club helped to improve the quality of the cauchois.

In our photo gallery you can enjoy this beautiful results.

For the moment we can’t present everything in your language, therefor some buttons will refer to information in Dutch or French.

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